Do you and your spouse have an agreed upon budget?  How often can you operate w/in that agreed upon budget monthly?

Did you know that the #1 reasons listed by MEN for divorce in 2016 was Money?  (it was #2 for WOMEN)  Strategic intentionality is necessary for us to arrive together in regards to finances.

And one of the elements that factor into the challenge of finding Agreement is a difference of MONEY PERSONALITIES.  Each of us have a Money Personality:  1)  Enjoyment;  2)  Security;  3)  Status;  4)  Control.

The quick test is this:  If you walked into work today, and were handed $1,000 bonus, what would you do?

  • … book the vacation?
  • … put it in the 401K?
  • … buy  that new watch?
  • … keep it to yourself and wait until you felt like it was time to use it?

This will give you a quick idea of your Money Personality.  My wife and I are very different.  My personality is enjoyment and hers is security.  Therefore, it takes constant communication and a willingness to stratigcally work towards common goals to eliminate as much conflict as possible.

One of our exercises we use w/ clients is to really dive into the details of discovering your Money Personality and Developing 3 agreed upon Short-term (next 6 months) and 3 agreed upon Long-term goals (next 24 months).

what is your money personality?