Divorce Costs

For an average employee making $20/hr, the projected financial burden on the company of that divorcing employee is over $8,000


The average employee misses 168 hours of work the year that he/she goes through a divorce


(Being physically present and mentally absent.)  Researchers now estimate presenteeism has more impact on productivity than missing 4 1⁄2 weeks of work physically.


Research indicates that an employee who experiences divorce remains with the company only 50% of the time, due to increased stress, new demands on his/her schedule, and financial needs.

$6 Billion

One notable research project estimates that $6 billion is lost by American businesses due to decreased productivity stemming from relationship difficulties (Forthofer, Markman, Cox, Stanley & Kessler, 1996)

Stress-related issues cost Corporate America $300 billion annually (Velasquez-Manoff, 2005). Relationally stressed employees are more likely to have high rates of absenteeism and thus hurt a company’s overall productivity.

David Olson


  • Stress 90% 90%
  • Productivity 15% 15%
  • Retention 50% 50%

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