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Learning how to improve your marriage will change the entire trajectory of your life.  For the better.

In his break-through release, Relational Wellness: Corporate America’s Business, Dr. David H. Olsen, with PREPARE/ENRICH, Life Innovations, Inc, centralizes vast amounts of academic research pointing out the personal, societal and business impact marriages have.  One of the most fascinating aspects is a clear outline of something we believe :

Better Marriages means Better People.

So what tangible areas does having a healthy marriage impact?  Check out the bars to the right…

Are any of those interesting to you?

Read the entire article here.

  • Healthier Lifestyle 85% 85%
  • Longer Life 72% 72%
  • Better Sex 98% 98%
  • Wealth & Economic Assets 78% 78%
  • Better Children 92% 92%

The Bad News

Divorce Rates ARE on the Rise

The Good News

Healthy Marriages ARE Possible

A Solution

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