In 2014, I will celebrate 19 amazing years of marriage to my bride, Rita Hicks. We’ve shared many victories together. God birthed 360 Enrichment Group as I was working alongside an executive here in San Antonio, and saw first-hand how reducing the stress in his “Home Life” made such a holistic difference in his life. Not only was “Home” a completely different place, but his company also reaped the rewards. I’ve spent the last 20+ years of my life building relationships and helping others navigate daily living, and I am so excited to be a part of 360 – where the Employer, Employee, and the Next Generation all become healthier.

Ken Hicks

Team Member, 360 Enrichment Group

I am so excited to be part of 360 Enrichment group. My peers refer to me as a dynamic and caring business leader and I take that very seriously. I believe people are the life-blood of our organizations, and as leaders, we need to care about our people first, before the bottom line. In fact, when our people are healthy and happy, the bottom line prospers. Bringing over 25+ years of experience in the corporate, entrepreneurial and nonprofit sectors, I intimately understand the importance of how happy and fulfilled marriages improve the overall health of an organization. What intrigued me most about 360 Enrichment Group is the staggering statistics of unhealthy and failed marriages and how they adversely effect employees while disrupting the company’s ability to fully function and perform at its peak. In my professional opinion, that is a major organization and management issue and business leaders should focus on that core functional area (human capital) as a priority. I have been blessed to be married to my incredible wife, Jennyfer Sakiewicz, for nearly 22 years, and I can say without hesitation that it is because of our strong commitment to each other and our faith, that our businesses have succeeded and sustained themselves for nearly two and a half decades.

Ed Sakiewicz

Team Member, 360 Enrichment Group

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