The Bove Group with its headquarters here in South Texas, specializing in:

1) Branding, Marketing & Sales Strategy;

2) Operational & Leadership Strategy, and Life Plan.

Tara Bove, and her husband Kevin, navigate life together as a Blended Family, traveling the journey & calling of Parenting, Career, and Ministry.

360 Enrichment Group proactively partners with companies to build healthier marriages.  Once in a while, a relationship emerges through the partnership that you immediately know is special!   Our collision w/ The Bove Group birthed from mutual clients, and most recently engaging in conversations about how we can do more together moving forward.


This initial post serves as a brief introduction to my good friend Tara.  In weeks following, we will share in very specific and intentional areas of expertise, where The Bove Group is partnering with clients to move the needle in a tangible areas that every business encounters.


Find out more about The Bove Group, and stay tuned for conversations that could radically impact the future of your organization.