A 360 Partner

Consistency and hard work are keys to lasting change. 360 Enrichment commits to a full year of consistent messaging and availability, fully committed to being a part of life change with you and your organization. 

How does 360 Partner with you?

There are two main areas in which we will interact with your organization

Global Corporate Enrichment

Lunch & Learn” is one example of Global Corporate Enrichment, where we are on campus during the lunch hour (once a month) providing Marriage Enrichment for all employees. 

Format: 45-minute session followed by a 15-minute Q&A.

Individual Marital Enrichment Sessions (1 on 1)

Every member of our team is a certified facilitator of the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment, and works with an employee (1 on 1) to provide wisdom, guidance, and resources to help specific areas of his/her marriage.

Format: 60-minute session, scheduled according to employee’s availability. 

Download a sample PREPARE/ENRICH assessment here.